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Becoming your own best friend

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Author: Heena

“We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.” – Roderick Thorp

There’s a large emphasis on having great support systems around you from your friends to your family and even your significant others. Yet oftentimes we forget to place significance on the longest and most important relationship in our lives. The one we form with ourselves.

As high school comes to its end I’ve had to come to terms with one thing. While I’d like to believe I can always count on others in my life, no one is a hundred percent reliable. Your friends can’t be there for you all the time. It’s unrealistic to rely on them every moment you’re faced with a new or terrifying challenge. Friends will come and go. Friends will be busy and miss your phone calls. Friends will change and move away. The only one who still stick beside you forever is yourself.

Yet oftentimes we forget to place significance on the longest and most important relationship in our lives. The one we form with ourselves.”

That’s why it is so important to foster a healthy relationship with yourself, as you are the one only one who will be there no matter what. You will be one there during the heartbreak, defeats and failures. You will be the one who has to stand up yourself. You are at the one at the end of the day that dictates your self-perception and happiness.

This is not to say that you need to be 100% independent and never ask for help from others. No one gets through this life without help and positive relationships add meaning and joy to our lives. But the person you want most in your corner when life gets hard, cheering you on, is you.

The best thing you can do is learn to be there for yourself, in the same ways you would want somebody to be there for you. It’s not going to be easy but take small steps until you can reach this point. Start asking what you can do to better prioritize and understand yourself every day. Learn about your goals, weaknesses, strengths and much more. Take the time to address your needs and look out for yourself when required.

Most importantly be kind, celebrate your wins and don’t tear yourself apart over small mistakes.

Be the person you need in your life. Remember the more time you decide to dedicate to yourself, the better you will be at handling anything life throws at you. Wake up every day and choose to be your own best friend.

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