Coping with failure

img des: Person sitting on a bench with thir hands on their head, looking towards the ground.

Author: Isha

What is failure?

How did you deal with a bad grade on a test or not making the sports team you tried out for? Dealing with setbacks is difficult because they affect your confidence and ability to progress in life. Failure is defined as a lack of success. Many people say failure is a better teacher than success, but this can be difficult to understand during our absolute lows. Failures can cause negative emotions such as sadness, regret, frustration, doubt, and anger.

In this blog post I will discuss some ways to process failure and eventually move on.

Let yourself understand and feel your negative emotions.

Before analyzing the situation, take some time to let your emotions settle in. This will help you process how you feel and recognize why you want to change it.

Reevaluate and reflect. Use your new perspective and learnings to look at the present. Set a new set of small goals to reach a larger aim, but do not hold yourself to unrealistic expectations.

Let go of the past.

The past cannot be changed, but you have the present and future to make the most of. It is okay to be disappointed over an outcome, but do not let that disappointment take over your life. Understand that you might have to explore different options and paths because life doesn’t always go as planned.

It is okay to be disappointed over an outcome, but do not let that disappointment take over your life.

Use failure as motivation. Failure gives people an opportunity to start fresh and climb up the ladder again. When you fail, you gain a new and better perspective that can be used to your advantage.

Talk to someone.

Talking to a friend or family member can let you express your emotions in a healthy way. Putting your emotions into words can help you see the bigger picture and see the positive side of things. Furthermore, socializing will help you engage in other activities and move your life towards a new normal. You can always contact ConnecTeen if you need someone to talk to.

Every human fails to meet every goal or expectation they set out for themselves. You cannot escape experiencing failure. Failure can be used as a tool to learn and progress on to new ideas in life. I encourage you to embrace your failures and use them as stepping stones towards successes!