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Am I able to use you guys for anger counselling or not?

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Learning how to cope with anger is something that can be very difficult at times. Often, anger is a response to another emotion such as shame, fear, or embarrassment. Other times, we may act out anger out in ways that we have seen from our parents or other influential adults in our lives. Being angry is a natural part of the human experience, we all feel angry at some times in our lives, how we deal with that anger can be complicated sometimes.

It sounds like you’re looking to make some positive changes in your life.

I commend you for being willing to take steps to better yourself. ConnecTeen is a peer support program that can offer a non-judgmental ear for people when they need one. Using ConnecTeen may be a healthy coping strategy for people want to channel their anger into something more productive. Volunteers are able to listen and offer encouragement, as well as talk about strategies to help you get through moments of intense anger. With that being said, it is important to note that our volunteers are not trained professionals and are not equipped to do any type of professional counselling. If you would like to contact ConnecTeen, you can call us at 403.264.8336, text us at 587.333.2724, or chat with us online at You can reach a youth volunteer between 5pm and 10pm on weekdays and noon and 10pm on weekends.

Fortunately, there are options in the community for those who are seeking counselling that relates to anger and its consequences. The Calgary Counselling Centre offers counselling in many different life areas and they may be able to provide professional help for issues relating to anger. They can be reached at 403.691.5991 or via their website at Another option available to you is calling 211. 211 is a 24/7, information and referral telephone service that helps connect people with resources in their community.

We hope that you find what you’re looking for and encourage you to contact us if you ever need to. Our service remains free, confidential and anonymous.

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