Does it really make you a “ho” or “thot” if you lose your virginity in your teen years?

That is a very good question and in my opinion if you lose your virginity in your teen years it does not make you a “ho” or a “thot.”

When people use name calling like this to describe someone’s actions, they are just trying to hurt feelings. Never listen to them if that is what they are going to say. Everyone values sex differently so it’s not okay to tell someone that their beliefs or values are wrong. What matters is what you believe about sex and if you feel comfortable losing your virginity. There can be a lot of pressure out there to have sex but again, it’s your personal choice and no one can tell you otherwise what you think about it.

If they call you or one of your friends a hoe, that’s not right. That person is treating you and your friend with unfairness and judging right away without knowing any of the facts. Remember that how many people you sleep with is your own business and not anyone else’s. They don’t need to know what is going on in your personal life. If you choose to share that is your decision but if not then other people need to back off and give you some space. Again there is nothing wrong with sleeping or having intercourse with different people.

What’s important is being safe about sex and getting the correct information about it if you are sexually active. This is the kind of stuff that’s super awkward to talk to your parents about- we totally get that. The internet may seem like safer place to search for stuff but it can’t be reliable or even accurate a lot of the time. If you’re thinking about becoming sexually active or currently are, we recommend chatting with the Calgary Sexual Health Clinic. What’s really cool is that they offer different services for whatever your comfort level is. If you just have a quick question you can submit one anonymously or if you’d like to talk to someone in person you can set up an appointment. They also have a ton of information on a lot of different topics which may be super helpful if you’re not even sure what you want to know.

It’s so confusing to figure out your values about things when there are so many opinions out there. If you want to talk it out with us, we aren’t going to judge you at all or tell you, you’re wrong. We just want to listen and help you figure out what you value and believe or even just rant. I hope this helped answer your question.