does having social anxiety make me weak??

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Having social anxiety definitely does not make you weak.

It may be tough to deal with it at times, but what matters is how you approach it. While social anxiety does serve as an obstacle in certain social situations, learning how to deal with social anxiety in a healthy manner demonstrates strength and resilience.


It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone experiences social anxiety in the same way, therefore, not everyone deals with it similarly.


Having a good support system, whether it be friends, family, or classmates, can change how you deal with social anxiety. While having someone at your side may not fix your feelings in social situations, it can definitely help make you feel more comfortable and build more confidence to deal with certain scenarios by yourself. It’s okay to rely on people close to you to help you outside of your comfort zone and cheer you on, as long as you remember that they’re real people too and sometimes you need to cheer them on. The more you practice taking the lead in social situations, the more comfortable you’ll get. Improvement is a long and ongoing process, but the growth you experience for yourself makes it worth it.


Another way you can tackle social anxiety is to make a plan for yourself before you knowingly enter a social situation. Make a list of phrases and practice what you’re going to say. Practicing what you’re going to say out loud causes you to familiarize yourself with the words and provides you with a solid direction. Practice makes perfect, after all.


Remember, social anxiety doesn’t define who you are. What really matters is how you deal with it.

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