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How to deal with moving to a new country as a teen

Author: Carys

Being a teenager is hard, but moving to an entirely different country whilst growing up can intensify it. I grew up in Ireland, and moved to Canada just as I was becoming a teenager. Initially, I found it really tough to integrate into Calgary, but it got easier. In this blog post, I’m going to give tips that will help any newbie feel more prepared in a new city.

1. New Beginnings

Rather than looking at this new experience that is awaiting to begin in a bad light, you should realize that you have an entirely fresh slate. Nobody knows who you are, what you’ve done, and now is the opportunity to develop yourself in a positive way.

2. Meet the People

Possibly, the most difficult part of moving, is being in entirely different surroundings without knowing anyone. Although, beginning a new school or joining a new sports team might sound scary, it’s one of the best ways to make friends and feel as though you belong. Create a home away from home and try to feel comfortable in your new environments. If you’re like me, slightly introverted, “putting yourself out there” is something that doesn’t suit you very well. Nevertheless, getting to know the people you are around in your neighborhood or city can help you feel more settled.

3. Be a Tourist

The place that you are in is brand new to you. The first thing I did when I came to Calgary was go to the Calgary Tower, the Olympic Park, and I walked around the University of Calgary’s campus. It really helps being touristy because you get to know the cities ins and outs, rather than solely knowing your neighborhood.

4. Contact Expats

Using Facebook I joined many different groups that consisted of Irish immigrants in Calgary. Although you have to be careful and still private, it’s a really handy form of communication. There are lots of clubs and groups that offer help to people still adjusting to the new country or city, and it helps you feel more at home and battle homesickness!

5. Give It Time

The most annoying part of moving is the fact that it takes time. Nobody can fully adjust to a completely new environment in a day, so patience is needed. Although it’s tough, before you even realize it you’ll feel more comfortable, and at home.

Time, that’s all it takes. If you take an active approach and try your best to find your place in a new environment, it’ll soon feel easy. The growth as a person that you will have as a result with far outlast the uncomfortable beginnings, and it’s really rewarding in the future. Good luck!

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