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I anticipate something bad happening when good things happen in my life because of my mental health problems. How should I get over this feeling?

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Feeling good can definitely be hard when you’ve been struggling for a long time and I can see that you’re having trouble approaching the feeling, which is totally understandable.  After so much pain, the relief could feel uncomfortable because it’s new. I get that.  The one thing I want to be clear is just that getting over this is a unique experience for each and every person and I’m happy to give my input but unfortunately I don’t know what will work best for you.

With that in mind I’d love to go over some things that could help. Something that works for lots of people who are going through times of change and confusion is to reach out to someone you trust.  This could mean a parent, teacher, friend, family member, counselor or anyone else that you feel comfortable talking to.  Sometimes when we talk about the feelings we’re facing and work to unravel them with someone else, we begin to not only understand where they’re coming from but how we can better approach them.  One thing to keep in mind is that one person you think could help might not do the trick but someone else could, so try to be persistent in finding support and if all else fails we’re always here at ConnecTeen to talk 🙂

If you’re not in a space to reach out but you’re still feeling this uneasiness about something going wrong maybe you could try and take care of yourself and your mental health.  Self-care can be a very helpful part of staying healthy and happy so trying a few things that you enjoy could help you feel comfortable feeling good.  This is as simple as thinking of what makes you happy and doing it!  So for me, I enjoy going for walks, reading, getting a good sleep and hanging out with friends.  Some people love listening to music, cuddling with a pet, taking a bath or watching Netflix.  To other people, this could mean getting something to drink or a good meal.  Basically, when we make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves, we can help get ourselves in a better spot mentally, physically and emotionally so self-care may be a giant help in feeling good comfortably. I know that I couldn’t give you a direct answer to your question but I hope that you have somewhere to start.  And if you’re needing more immediate help, call/text/chat us anytime and we’d be happy to talk.

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