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I haven’t heard from my friend in a while and I think they might be in danger…

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and I’m scared because I think there’s something I could’ve done to stop them but there isn’t anyone I can talk to about it…

First off, you sound like a wonderful friend for caring so much about your friend. A friend doesn’t have to be someone you’ve known for a long time, but sometimes we make really strong connections with people over a short period of time. The fact that you care so much about your new friend makes you sound like a really nice person.

If you think your friend is in danger, it’s important to tell an adult about it. If they are in serious danger of hurting themselves or if they fear getting hurt by someone else, an adult must know so that they can get the help they need.

Sometimes, our friend’s problems or even our own are much bigger than us so we need to let someone we trust know about it. If you’re not sure if there is a trusted adult you could talk to about the concerns you have for your friend, you can talk to us. We’re here every day to listen to you and maybe go through other options if we have more information.

Losing touch with someone you feel close to is an awful feeling

Like I said, we don’t have to know someone for a long time to care a lot of them or for them to impact your life. It’s completely normal to feel lost and hurt when you’re not sure if you can help them or if you could’ve prevented their situation. You did the best that you can and that’s what counts.

When we worry about someone so much, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. We suggest taking some time to do things you enjoy because getting caught up in something you can’t control just makes for feeling worse. When you take the time to eat well, write in a journal or talk to a good friend or family member, it can change our perspective or even give us new insight on how to better help that person because you are feeling better, yourself.

Remember, we are always here for you and can better help you and your friend if we have more information. Feel free to reach out to us via text, chat or over the phone.

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