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My ex is older than me and leaving for high school. We just broke up and he started telling everyone I had sex with him when I didn’t…What should I do?

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Break ups are the worst sometimes. It feels like your heart is being ripped out of your chest because you still care so much for that person but you can’t be together, for whatever the reason may be. It becomes even worse if the other person spreads rumours about you too.

I can’t imagine how that would feel to trust someone and care for them and they turn around on you like that.

It’s really not fair for your ex to spread rumours about you that aren’t even true. It makes you look bad when you didn’t do anything to deserve that.

When people act out like that, it’s usually because they are also feeling really upset about what happened but they don’t know how to deal with their feelings.

Some people keep their feelings inside and others lash out like this. Either one isn’t healthy for anyone because then you end up hurting others and yourself in the long run.

In times like this, I’m sure all you want is for people to believe you instead of the person who is spreading the rumour.

We believe you.

Talking to friends about this might be helpful but can also be overwhelming if they don’t believe you either. If you have a guidance counselor at school or maybe someone else that you trust, it’s sometimes helpful to talk it out with them. They can offer a different perspective because they know you better.

This is a super tough situation to be in and if you’d like more support or someone to talk to that doesn’t know your ex or your friends, you can talk to us. It won’t ever get back to him or your friends or your school. It’s pretty nice being able to talk freely. Check us out through text, email or chat.

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