Are you guys able to give me workbooks and resources that I could do at home to help myself? This is so urgent!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your wonderful question.

Unfortunately we don’t have workbooks but we use this wonderful website called Inform Alberta to find our Albertan chatters the help they need. However, if you live in other provinces or countries, we usually direct you to a Distress Centre near you or any helpline of sort. I understand that your concern is urgent, but we would like to encourage you to contact us here at ConnecTeen via chat or call. That way we can assist you much faster 🙂 We are open 5-10pm during the weekdays and 12-10pm on the weekends. Once again, we are very thankful that you reached out to us via our website, but it might be more convenient for you to find resources from us the moment you need it. Our call line is 403-264 8336, text line is 587-333-2724, and you can always reach out to us on our online confidential chat! If you need help after our operating hours, you can always contact our 24hr operating Crisis line (T. 403-266-4357) or the Distress Centre website, where we have confidential chat (Link: open 5-11pm (weekdays) and 12-11pm (weekends).

It may also be helpful to check out our blogs or other Peer Talk questions. That may give you some ideas to help you in your situation. Since we’re not sure what exactly you are going through, it’s really tough to offer you support. Please reach out to us so we can talk it through and direct you to programs or resources as needed.