I’m not allowed to contact helplines but I really need to reach out to someone


It can feel very limiting when parents restrict one’s actions especially when they limit one’s access to help. You definitely deserve to access supports when you need them.
I have to say, great job on recognizing you need help, and you need to reach out to someone. That is very admirable.
If you are interested in going back to therapy, there are free counselling centres in Calgary that do not require parental permission if you are of a certain age. One great service in Calgary is Wood’s Homes, they are a mental health centre that offers counselling services for youths. During the Pandemic, they available virtually by appointment as well. Here is their website for more information, please check it out: https://www.woodshomes.ca/
Another option you could consider is speaking to your school counsellor about the situation and seeing if they can support you in any way. Whether that be someone you can confide in, or maybe someone that could advocate for you to your parents about your needs.
I also encourage you to think about the reason behind your parent’s thoughts. Sometimes if you can identify the reason, you may have a chance of getting what you need from your parents by accommodating their reasoning. A conversation between you and your parents would be a great way to start exploring the reason behind your parent’s thoughts. Some good questions to ask can be: “I’m struggling with my mental health, can you help me?”, “What are your thoughts about mental health”, “How come you don’t want me to start therapy again?” etc. It can also be helpful to find another family member to advocate on your behalf. Having a trusted adult speak to your parents about mental health can be very productive.
I wish you luck 🙂