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How do I get over my fear of dogs?? I already tried to express myself to my friend but they aren’t very willing to help me and just brush it off! It’s making me very anxious!

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Hey there,


I feel that. I used to be afraid of dogs too. Sometimes it’s hard for people to see that something so furry and seemingly cute-looking could ever be scary to someone and I get that too. But, it’s definitely not helpful when your friends aren’t willing to help you out with your fear of dogs because it makes it harder for you to have some support to start off with. It also puts a bit of a limit on where you can hang out with your friends if they aren’t willing to compromise on where they bring their dog.


You mentioned that you talked to one friend about it. Have you talked to others about it too? Different people might have different levels of understanding for your fear of dogs and sometimes you can’t get everyone to see your point of view. If you have a friend that listen’s to your needs that also has a dog, you could slowly incorporate getting to know your one friend’s dog.

It’s super important to have understanding, kind and patient friends – especially when you have a genuine fear. You should be heard!


If this fear becomes too debilitating and there seems to be no end, you always have the option to contact a specialist that may be able to help you with desensitization/conditioning techniques. Or, you can always join a support group in-person/online where you might find people who understand the situation. A really good place to find this information would be to either text, call, or email 211 since they are Alberta’s resource line.


Sometimes there really doesn’t seem like there is some one who gets it and it might seem daunting to go out and find supports.

But, you don’t have to feel alone.

You can always contact ConnecTeen and we can talk it through and give you a space to express how you’ve been feeling. Our lines are open from 3pm-10pm on weekdays and 12pm-10pm on weekends. You can reach us through our phone number at 403-264-8336, our text line at 587-333-2724, email us at or chat with us through our online website.


I wish the best of luck to you. Know that you don’t have to rush it when it comes to slowly combating your fear of dogs. You can go at it at your own pace. Just the fact that you trying to work things out already shows how strong you are and I hope your friends take the time to understand where you are coming from so that you can get some support.

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