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Is suicide selfish?

Hey, that’s a really good question, and we’re glad that you reached out to us. Suicide is not easy to talk about, […]

Girls are bullying me.

That’s awful to hear! It can be really tough being forced to be surrounded around people who are mean to you. When […]

Is calling ConnecTeen free?

Yes! ConnecTeen is a free confidential peer support service for teens in the Calgary and other areas as well. If you ever […]


Not everyone in high school wants to be in a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself and focusing on school.

The Glare

Getting into fights with friends and ending friendships on bad terms is a difficult thing to go through. And unfortunately, it’s a pretty common experience.


One day, my friend in Vancouver called me. We were just chatting and she told me that some girls in her school sent her hate messages through Facebook. The content of those messages was about my friend’s use of makeup.