5 positives from the COVID-19 pandemic

I do not feel safe mentally in my home. I’ve already moved from my mom’s place due to extreme lows all the time, but where i’m living right now triggers my anxiety and PTSD and there’s no way to escape it. I don’t know the laws here in Calgary but I’m 16 and still in highschool.

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Hi, Having troubles at home can be extremely overwhelming and it can affect other aspects of your life due to the stress. It can also be difficult to talk about…

How can I deal with a stressful family environment? My family members constantly trigger my anger, and crosses my emotional boundaries (where my emotions are wasted trying to manage life at home). I’m saving to move out but that won’t happen anytime soon.

Hi, Thanks for sending in your question. I understand that it can be very hard to deal with family especially when they have been constantly crossing your emotional boundary. It…

How can I get over the jealousy, anger, and frustration that my older sister has a bedroom that is probably twice the size of mine and has her own bathroom while my little sister and I have smaller rooms and have to share a bathroom??

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Hello, Thank you for your question. It can be really frustrating to see your siblings have luxuries that aren't available to you and it must seem like they're rubbing it…

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